Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Unknown Reality

There are times

when looking into your eyes

I start to cry

cuz its a dream,

its all a dream,

that you are here

loving me

the way you are loving me,

cuz things like this

just don’t happen to me

and most days I feel unworthy

but here you are

and here I am

and this is real...isn’t it?

See, I’ve been thru these motions before

and I swore..

I would never open that door...again

but here you are..

and here I am..


almost fearful of..

how this could end

cuz I don’t want it to end

U introduced me..

to me..

loving all parts of me


the ins and outs

the ups and downs

u.. stayed here

by my side.

U befriended me

comforted me

in my midnight hour


Its funny cuz

right when I was saying

I’m done.

I’m taking a break..

I’m not looking anymore..

you appeared in my door

moving me mentally,

challenging me spiritually,

and loving me completely,

but it all feels like a dream

it does..

I go to sleep

and I pray that you stay

I pray that you are real

I pray you are true.

And when I wake up..

I thank God that it is you..

and that this is real

and that you are my reality

although .....

this feels just like a dream.

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