Sunday, February 14, 2010


You speak the flow of a rythmic sound,
that utters like an orgasm in my mind,
like bodies and souls intertwine and connect,
this feeling goes beyond the human touch-
your LIGHT caresses.

I imagine cool liquid rolling down...
sweet pulsating gestures..
you're my secret place,

In my eyes,
your touch goes beyond mere imagination,
sometime I can't even concieve where you came from,
why in this season?...why me?
Even with unanswered questions,
I'm feeling who you are,
pounding in my heart like a bundle of raindrops
penetrating the mountain's crown,
and when you're around,
very little matters outside of our flow...
like rythmic sound...
I release orgasms with thoughts of you...
So Sensuous.

The Rescue

It's kinda like
the first time I tasted...
and the first time I breathed...
and the first time I did anything for...
the first time,
you gave me a feeling of completion
for the last time
because this time,
Iknow it had nothing to do with what I said,
what I did, how I walked,
or how good my jeans kissed my flesh,
but it was just the look in your eyes,
when they met mine-
kinda like when dark liquor lingers
around the inside of clear skies,
and whispers sweet aromas
of strong agression,
the kind that burns the inside of your chest
when your body is overly excited...
but I'm delighted
to know that you'll wrap around me
and envelope my cognac for minutes
that seems like days...turning into weeks..
my soul cries out, "Dont leave me!",
I've just gotten used to the character of your smile.
I feel if like God fashioned us
in the likeness of the Divine,
then nothing else comes closer to perfection than you and I.
God's grace wrapped in flesh, you me.
you ask what's love got to do with us?...
anything it wants to as long as you exist within me.
I take one breath and I await your exhale,
so I can inhale every secret your soul has to tell,
and any imperfection your soul must bare.
I can't change the past,
but presently I yearn to revolutionize your future,
with the power of doctrines from the Divine creativeness,
who knows me best...who prepared me for you...who gave you to me.
This feels like the first time
I unwrapped a gift,
pulling away at the ribbons of my agony,
untying my pain and suddenly
find you!.....standing there....before my eyes...
with arms open wide. You rescue me.

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