Monday, May 23, 2011

Mental Fourplay...

I write because I am poetry, I am the rhyme, the imagery,the verbs, the metaphors, I am the opportunity for creativity, even when its just an audience of one knowing at my door. Like most I desire a release from my daily frustrations, a safe haven for my doubts and pains...and if Life has taught me nothing else, I knw that longstrokes and spoonfed positions will only take us so far....but I seek a moment that will last, a 'feel good' encounter more for my mind and spirit -not just my body. Stimlate my mind and you have my attention, stimulate my mind, body and spirit together and you'll have me forever!

I wanna sit under icy stars...
Connect the dots, make faces that emblaze across our 'home'.
I wanna sniff the sheets of our writings and
Savor the moment for just another minute
I wanna put my head across your chest,
In awe of the musical agreement our heartbeats have decided upon.
I wanna preserve you like ripe fruit and spread you thick to nourish my past. I wanna sustain you in the poems of my heart- that's been missing.
let you seep into my skin...
Beg your eyes not to call out my transparency
but I know you will ...but its fine.
Take my common sense for high ransom
I won't mind.

I wanna get closer to you...
like im wearing religion on Sundays,
I wanna digest your thoughts, making them a part of me
dream of the 'goodlife' with u, bask in excellence,
all with you.
Last night,
I thought of a dozen ways we could live,
teaching each other how to breathe
without oxygen
just collaborations of genius
we crafted,
between stained fingers and intertwined strands
of lust and Love(afterthoughts)...
coasting on intangible planes of Pure.
not meant for consumption
yet you ate off my plate of afflicted beautiful
like your last meal was at stake
i fed you spoonfuls of consistent inconsistency...
washed your tongue with my words,
smiling in the moments when our palates met gracefully-
kissed tatsefully.

imperfected flawlessly, we reached
so far beyond any planet or star,
wat would we name this Abyss?
sealed with a kiss of wrists
wanting to lay lazily across your midriff
and allow our souls to sift
between what our needs write
and what our wants speak..
to us.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love of my life....Zuri.b!

So, I know it's been awhile since I've opened myself up to you again....I promise I'm not this negligent when it comes to fourplay with my pen and paper(or in the blogging world, fingers and laptop

But I have been sooooo busy, overwhelmed....and happily in love with my new baby girl! Zuri Kai'lynn, born on March 13, 2011 at 12:12pm....My lil beautiful buttafly has consumed my world and I'm loving every moment of it!

So I assure you I will be back to write soon....about the grown&sexy stuff, but until then, come visit us over in Zuri's world (click on zuri's world) for a weekly update on my journey into 'new-mommy-dom'

Love&Light to you ....


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