Sunday, July 11, 2010

Love is Fearless...

I am waiting for the day
you bless me
with your impeccable, unbelievable
Godly ways...
loving me like unconditional love itself
is an understatement
you, touch me,
in ways indescribable,
you penetrate me in voids
that were once impenetrable-
I honor you, King,
for only a God like yours and mine
could have fashioned this Queen solely for your throne.

We are...tailor made for one another-
our journey's blueprint laid out for each other,
there is none other that can master a soul tie like ours
Divinely Created
Intimately sedated with elation-
more potent that #9's love potion,
I am that drug
and you are my addiction.

So King me and move me like pawns
against our canvas of life,
intertwined in your head full of tree parts
you got me feelin like swingin from your mane....
my Tarzan, and I am your Jane....
let's escape to the nearest shore
and lay under the moonlight,
where black skin glistens like Divine Light-
be my knight, be my Armour...

Be my second skin
and let me peel the scent of you
with each thrust, for eternities-
each time I breathe,
be my exhale...
as I
be my love,

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