Friday, March 26, 2010

He Feels Like.....

He Feels like the wind in my face
while my head is hanging out the window
courageously trying to inhale all of him-
forceful, yet teasingly and excitingly
taking my breath away....
He feels like that...
Like I inhale and he finishes my breath
He feels just that good,
like my 2nd skin,
I could caress and bathe in his sent
and lather up his passion in my towel,
then sqeeze him all over me again...
he feels like that...
like worship in its purest form...
like a good key striked on the perfect note
organ grinds, tune held in place
until the pews climax with shreeks of joy
in the form of tears,
hands raised,
arms stretched out wide-wating to be rescued-
as if the Divine-self would come down
to craddle every soulish hurt away-
peaceful, enticing....
he feels like that...
He feels that good!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Soul Talk....Desperate.

You ever have one of those days where your womb is crying out...and you can't pin point one particular ailment...but its some of, goals, you soul just needs to wail.....this is one of those my pen narrates....

I cried...I cried because he spoke truth; and it pierced the most intimate places I didn't know- where sensitivity and uncomfort lies, where guilt penetrates offense and birth broken,sorrowful tears of utter confusion; yet truth. It is truth.

He said, "You know what the problem is?, 'artsy' people never complete anything-so spread out and over extended- they find pleasure in the right stroke, the perfect verse, or the tight..just right beat, the line in the dance....However, their curiosity and thirst for exploring more passions keeps them from ever producing!"
Producing. Non productive. So many gifts and nothing of substance to show for this the truth? truth? Is this what hurts? Stagnation and the cycle of miscarriage in my life, my relationships, my goals, my dreams and passions. Where is the beauty? Where is the peace? Where am I?

Desperation. Chasing after you. I need you. more and more. Where do I go? Who do I run to? sharing this empty space, feels like I lost the grip of life- so it seems...friends out of touch-backing away, completely from the scene-who is to play the part for the next act..the next chapter of my life? never been in a position/posture like this- feeling as though I have to chase after companionship, plead my worth of company-bargain my assets-gifts, for talentless conversations-to no elation-alone. I sit. tired. Drained. stuck. out of options. fighting the temptation of depression-can't go back there-darkness is not an option! and then there's Him....I miss it. the covenant.the promise of safety-though short lived. I need it now. consistency speak to me. Productivity Prophesy to me...say to the giants of despair...and the mountains of moved! let me breath!..let me see!...let me rise...let me be. let me be.

I inhale dreams birthing visions unclear, laced on my face sketches of pillow wishes becoming as one with you-Desperate for magical nights- love glistinin between shy highs-within the deep walls of my thighs...behold my affection is your delight.

My soul is desperate.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Newest Baby!!! Buttafly Movement Fitted Tees for Women

And the blessings keep coming!!!....ButtaflyMovement Tees, my newest addition to this empowering journey....Custom Designed Tees for women, sizes Sm to 2xl, personalized buttafly color and word/wisdom on back, Check out the album or visit the marketplace online.Spread the word! Support!.....Operation Overflow 2010! You in?!

My recent transition to Mississippi has been an eventful journey, eye say the least. My mind/body/spirit has been taking its time aligning itself with the energy in this region; thus, I've been 'sick' or in a dis-ease since I arrived here in Jackson. Nevertheless, I woke up one morning, this week, with a fever and a burning lump-feeling like strep throat...and I said, " Divine Creativity doesn't take a day off! and neither does making money...I'm gonna design a tee-shirt for women." So, the next few days I got in touch with my graphic designer-who is never available!- but this still worked to my advantage...because growing impatient while waiting for him to return my call taught me a valuable lesson: Don't wait for someone else to do what God has already equipped you with the creativity to do!

...and therein lies this finished product!...Simple, Empowering....and all MY vision! I love it! and I would love to spread this message to women across the states...that every woman has a 'Buttafly Movement'...a movement of liberation and self empowerment waiting to be manifested through her will power and creativity!

I thank the Divine for the spirit of Creativity and Desire.....without these two virtues, coupled with Love...I would be a Lost Soul!

Don't take for granted your dreams and visions...goals and only takes one thought, and a simple action put behind it, and before you know will have came into fruition over night! So I say to you 'O Creative One'...BelieveBelieveBelieveBelieveBelieveBelieve!.....Speak! Do! Don't Wait!, and watch God bring it to pass!


Love&Light my Beautiful ButtaFlys!

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