Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All I Want...

All I want is peace of mind

someone to love me as much

as I love me.

someone to nuture, comfort and cover me

in my strengths and weaknesses.

All I want is peace of heart

someone to be gentle and

considerate with me...

someone to pursue me fervently make me feel wanted, appreciated

to make me feel as though love itself

was an understatement...and since God is love-

to make me feel God.

All I want is peace of spirit

to be encouraged, to be joyous-

to expect a miracle everyday-

to rejoice with them who rejoice!

and to be present in body and spirit

with them that grieve.

All I want is peace...

to rid my insecurities

to remind myself that I am beautiful

without anticipating others to tell me... find that safe place,

that place within me where I am secure,

where I have joy, where I am satisfied,

where I know I have exactly what

I want and deserve.


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