Thursday, October 1, 2009

(Self) Love in the Fast(ing) Lane

Considering a fast or cleanse to rev up your energy levels, release stored junk in your trunk, disarm your inner warrior of its angry liver complex? Consider this as well. The potency of a good cleanse is well-worth the investment, time and self love you put into it. That’s right, I said self love!

It’s the best of times and the worst of times, cleansing and fasting. It’s the best because you become extra discerning of what substances you take into your inner temple, your body, and it can be the worst of times, albeit momentarily, because the power of a true cleanse not only moves residue out of your intestines, it removes obstacles out of your life! And that means people, habits and thoughts that aren’t serving you. Fasting can be as simple as taking a day each week to enjoy only freshly prepared live juices. I recommend ones that are low in sugar and high on flavor, like spinach, green apple, celery, cucumber and lemon. Or give your body a rest from digesting by slurping up live young coconut water. Cleansing your insides is a process to systematically remove and release toxic build up out of your liver, gallbladder, intestines and other organs. Best to go well-prepared with excellent support and supplies that include fasting essentials to renew, rebuild and regenerate.

The energy, clarity, and vitality you’ll gain make this experiment a grand one. And be aware of your disposition before you start your routine.Take the time to prepare an environment for yourself that welcomes you to release, relax, and renew yourself. Talk about your desires with people who share your living space and with those in your intimate circles so that you are supported and then, prepare to flush the outdated blueprints of self and relationship down the composting toilet!

Your Health is Your Wealth!



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