Friday, March 12, 2010

My Newest Baby!!! Buttafly Movement Fitted Tees for Women

And the blessings keep coming!!!....ButtaflyMovement Tees, my newest addition to this empowering journey....Custom Designed Tees for women, sizes Sm to 2xl, personalized buttafly color and word/wisdom on back, Check out the album or visit the marketplace online.Spread the word! Support!.....Operation Overflow 2010! You in?!

My recent transition to Mississippi has been an eventful journey, eye say the least. My mind/body/spirit has been taking its time aligning itself with the energy in this region; thus, I've been 'sick' or in a dis-ease since I arrived here in Jackson. Nevertheless, I woke up one morning, this week, with a fever and a burning lump-feeling like strep throat...and I said, " Divine Creativity doesn't take a day off! and neither does making money...I'm gonna design a tee-shirt for women." So, the next few days I got in touch with my graphic designer-who is never available!- but this still worked to my advantage...because growing impatient while waiting for him to return my call taught me a valuable lesson: Don't wait for someone else to do what God has already equipped you with the creativity to do!

...and therein lies this finished product!...Simple, Empowering....and all MY vision! I love it! and I would love to spread this message to women across the states...that every woman has a 'Buttafly Movement'...a movement of liberation and self empowerment waiting to be manifested through her will power and creativity!

I thank the Divine for the spirit of Creativity and Desire.....without these two virtues, coupled with Love...I would be a Lost Soul!

Don't take for granted your dreams and visions...goals and only takes one thought, and a simple action put behind it, and before you know will have came into fruition over night! So I say to you 'O Creative One'...BelieveBelieveBelieveBelieveBelieveBelieve!.....Speak! Do! Don't Wait!, and watch God bring it to pass!


Love&Light my Beautiful ButtaFlys!


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