Sunday, August 21, 2011

Passion-Driven Life

Sometimes my emotions go into overdrive when I have come face to face with that which I am most passionate about. I am on the brink of a career/city move that will indefinitely change my life for the better, forever. I'm so excited and so filled with ecstatic anxiety, that I can hardly concentrate on wat lies before me in the meantime. A book deal, a business venture, new clients, preparing for my move, new love...and most new precious lil sweet baby girl! whew! I have plenty to keep myself busy until New Years; yet time seems to trickle by so slow when you are READY and WAITING....speaking from someone who is impatient!...hmmph.

so in moments like these, I just have to remind myself to take a step back, affirm and assure myself that all will be and IS well....and I am definitely in the FLOW:

What is Passion????
1. A powerful emotion,
a.such as love, joy, hatred, or anger.

2. Ardent love.
b. Strong sexual desire; lust.
c. The object of such love or desire.

3. Boundless enthusiasm
d. The object of such enthusiasm

What am I passionate about???
1. My Baby
2. My career
3. My LOVE....

Now how do I put my PASSIONS in PERSPECTIVE to where I am now???

Instant results

"If you’re willing to settle only for instant results, you’re seriously limiting what you can accomplish. Most things of great value take some time to achieve.

It is good to take action. It is far more powerful to take focused, sustained action.

The results you’re willing to wait for are the results that will last the longest. The time you invest in creative, productive, effective effort will always pay the greatest dividends.

If you’re always chasing instant results, life will be a constant struggle. By contrast, you can do the work of fifty, a hundred, a thousand people or more by spreading the effort over time.

Just imagine the incredible, lasting value you’ll be able to create. When your efforts build upon each other, there is no limit to how far you can go.

Persist in your work, and you will be abundantly rewarded. The results that come over time are far and away the most precious."

— Ralph Marston

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