Monday, February 4, 2013

The ButtaFly Movement Presents..... Zuri*Baby

Zuri*Baby….. Organic, all natural, homemade hair and body products. With an unrefined Shea butter and coconut oil base, Zuri*Baby products holistically hydrates the skin and adds an amazing shine to the hair with the finest essential oils-safe enough for adults and children to use.

Natural moisturizers….
No skin irritants….

If you are a Mom or Mom –to-be, or just a woman who favors the holistic health lifestyle, the assumption is that you are destined to be a “Medicine Woman”. I am Kira Buckley, a herbalist, CMT , Educator, Holistic Health Consultant and Mom who has a passion for holistic healing. I have an awesome passion to share tips for the body, mind and spirit care and empowering networks. My goal with this project is to empower other Mom’s to take charge of their personal health and the health of their families. Many dis-eases in the body can be avoided by taking better care of ourselves naturally; thus, through the sharing of herbal teas, oils, body and womb care products and information , Zuri*Baby will transform and help in the pre- labor and postpartum stages one mommy at a time! As women, we have many roles, mother, lover, creator of others, spiritual adviser, medicine woman and counselor. Zuri*Baby wants to show women how we can all become better Medicine Women for our families and pamper ourselves in the process!

At Zuri*Baby, our goal is to stand out in the grassroots marketplace as the premiere natural and holistic body care gift box for mommies and babies. The inspiration and vision behind Zuri*Baby came from my own personal gift-giving needs for myself and close friends who were expecting mothers. As the owner and founder of Zuri*Baby, using my daughter’s name, Zuri, which is of African Swahili origin and a translation for ‘beautiful’, only seemed fitting for launching beautiful products for beautiful babies that pamper and cater to the needs of mommy and baby. Zuri*Baby has the answer for moms- to-be looking for natural and holistic products for body and womb care pre and post labor and other natural care tips, networks and resources..

We hope you enjoy the Zuri*Baby experience and please feel free to contact us with any feedback or suggestions. Thank you for visiting us! We can be reached anytime at

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The Zuri*Baby Subscription

You will be able to subscribe-$40 for a monthly delivery of the featured full size (two 8oz jars!) body/hair butter, salt&sugar scrub and other samples or choose a scent that you favor. Remember to check your Zuri*Baby box for vouchers and information on where to purchase and receive holistic health consultations if desired.

Premiere Scent for February:

Honey Almond Blossom Butter
Shea-Coco Body Butter
Chamomile Coconut Sugar Scrub

And you can still order…..

Premiere Products for January:

Orange-Lemon Frost Hair and Body Butter
~made right from my kitchen for the comfort of your home! Ingredients include Jojoba oil, almond oil, extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils for light and beautiful scent.

Chamomile & Lavender Whole Body Sugar Salt Scrub
~Ingredients include chamomile and lavender herbs, brown sugar, sea salt (purifier), almond, jojoba, olive oil and essential oil for a relaxing, intoxicating scent.

Zuri*Baby takes pride in preparing home made products that are tailor made for each individual woman. We are the perfect inexpensive gift to treat yourself or someone you love!



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