Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Encounter(The Awakener)

She spoke of my secrets, bold, stories yet to be told…

She spoke of my disposition and the consequences of giving up on life

She spoke of my fears…she spoke of my strengths….she spoke of me.

And the encounter was as real and as captivating and as consuming

As life in this present moment. She confirmed my aspirations….she…

Encouraged, admonished, appealed and empowered…

She wept with me….held me in her feminine bosom of power and told me to let go.

Allow life to take its course…allow God, the universe and the divine feminine energy

To spoil me. Because, ultimately, I deserve it. She saw my baby. A girl….she’s coming.

She saw my career, my passions, my gifts…she saw who I really was…and she said ,

“This woman sitting before me is not who you really are, your light is dim, your fuel is low….but this isn’t who you are, you have to come out of this, you’re gonna come out of this…. There is so much more to life within this season, choose to live, fight for your happiness, make yourself available for the unexpected ‘wowfactor’….you’re gonna make it! God will not let you drown! There is wealth, there is happiness, there is life in abundance on the other side of this…”

She stated that by the third month of next year, things will be in their perspective place in my life…..she spoke of my family. I need to go home. Not to stay. But I need to feel my family and I need them to feel me. I need to feel me…I need to feel what the real Kira feels like again….because this woman and this season has ran its course…..

She saw him, she said he’ll love me…he’ll adore me….better yet, he’ll know how to handle me…lol (Lord knows I need to be handled…)but there will be no fear or insecurity, there will be no intimidation….only support….solely love…and a ‘love that reflects how God loves me’. That statement in itself is a lot….whew! (Selah…..praise and meditation)

I have realized that I have got to do a better job reaching out to the people God has ordained to surround me in my life right now. My friends and my family….are there!...they are there…waiting for me to let them in… “just let them in Kira…and let yourself out. Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Embrace this Encounter.”


Hard Shell w/ Soft center said...

This piece sounds so much like me. This season has gotten so far down that I can't see/think straight.

ButterflyRoyal said...

I know the feeling luv...thus, this piece was birthed at a point of self inventory, at a point where you have to do aggressive therapy with yourself! Looking in the mirror never hurt so bad and felt so good all at the same time! I encourage you, when you're ready...pull yourself up and force yourself to look in the mirror and embrace the moment at hand....

Peace&Blessings luv...thanks for stopping by.

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