Monday, December 7, 2009

My Favorite drink, and 25 reason’s it could possibly become yours.


Talk about delicious!!But it also does wonders for your health. I mean wonders, literally. Its from Ardyss International, its called Levive and I LOVE it, primarily because it has the power of the worlds top 5 antioxidant producing fruits, and their all concentrated into one drink. Antioxidants do a number of things for the body including chase free radicals and balance overall health.Now, yall know how much pomegranates cost at your local market, let alone the goji, mangoberry, acai and noni. This technology puts money in the bank. But here are 25 other reasons researchers have found that levive lives up to its name. Go ahead be informed.

25 Reasons. …..Drink Le’vive

1. Enhance sex drive

2.Keep hair and skin healthy
3.Improve vision

4.Increase energy levels
5.Fight Funguses, virus and bacteria
6.Feel and look younger
7.Improve fertility
8.Improve digestion.
9.Fight harmful free radicals
10.Lose weight
11.Sleep Better
12.Improve memory
13.Helps PREVENT cancer
14. Control BLOOD SUGAR
15. Protect kids health
16.Maintain a HEALTHY blood pressure
17.Prevent Gastritis reflex and ulcers
18.Maintain a normal cholesterol level
19.Possibly prevent diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinsons
20.Control Inflammation and Arthritis
21.Prevent Tumors.
22.Keep Joints flexible and healthy.
23.Decrease respitory Conditions.
24.Keep Liver Healthy
25.Maintain general health

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Anonymous said...

Le'Vive is my favorite drink also... I made a post just last week.

My only regret is that I didn't discover Ardyss sooner... LOL

ButterflyRoyal said...

That's great! so you're a fellow believer! Thanks for visiting, come by anytime...I stopped by ur blog as well, couldnt find the link to follow you though...

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