Friday, January 1, 2010

Sometime you just gotta love on Him!

I wrote this for Him...

I will keep you hidden no more-
like stained secrets and letters from old lovers
you are in me-
your name written across my chest
with an umbilical cord trust~
I pray to forever have your eyes
as I backwash forgiveness on my tongue
for years of lying in bed without you by my side...
I love you seems to be an understatement though
I know you over-stand where my heart lies..and
my thoughts cry....from the depth of my womb...
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......your name reigns forever
and creates vibrations of elated ecstasy forever ringing
between my thighs, I long for the day you write poetry
inside my walls...eternally....we rhyme, each verse...imagery
becomes more vivid than the last line and better than the last time...
we one!.

(whew!.....that shit almost took me in for real...)

Trust that you have a place in the world that welcomes your gifts of awareness and altruistic vision. Your imagination needs a creative outlet for you to do your best at work. Your career will bring about transformation, as you realize it's all about manifesting universal principles of truth.

You should continue to surround yourself with friends that give you the space and support you need to do your work, and trust that with them being connected to you, they're prepared to make the necessary shifts for change in their lives as well. You may need to push beyond your own boundaries, and identify with the universal source.

Your personal confidence and brilliance shines bright baby..... You are tremendously motivated as people applaud your inspirational ideas. You are ready to manifest the highest potential for your love and children in the future. The high energy you're working with will result in material prosperity, which helps you continue to make forward shifts in your own life, as well as bring hope to your life...your family and your community of like spirits God has surrounded you with. As you continue to be connected inwardly and outwardly, you truly make an impression on those around you

Especially me!...I love you King and I pray nothing less than the best for you....US....and all connected to your heart in this new year! Happy New Beginning Baby!


Lisa C Writes said...

YES! My heart throbbed with each word. The intensity had me hanging off my seat for more!

Thank you Lady for such beautiful words, encouragement, inspiration and Love!!! ((Hugs))

ButterflyRoyal said...

aww...thank you! for your kind words...

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