Saturday, January 9, 2010

Womb Healing

I have been in transition since my ex and I decided to separate and divorce. Immediately afterward, My first love [whom I havent seen or spoken to in seven years] finds me on facebook and the energy is stronger than before!...To make a long story short, its been a year now, since the divorce and reuniting with my first love....and I have had some serious 'baby blues' for over a soul cries out in my dreams...I feel my womb aligning everyday in preparation and I just can't shake the urge to want to have a baby.

Im not sure whether to stay with my new 9to5 job or to answer the unctions of my womb and move back home to rest!...But I do appreciate this blog( and the insight to womb healing....

So, I wanted to share parts of my journey to womb healing(from divorce, guilt, pain, anger, abuse[physical, food, alcohol, etc]), and I began this month with this meditation.... Will you pray with me?

Womb Healing

the chalice returns
to its original nature
clear and blessed
internal pain cleared
external pollution
flushed away
harmony restored

Tantric invocation of the Goddess abiding in the first chakra:

Within in reigns Paraa, the Awakener of eternal knowledge
She is the omnipotent Kalaa who is wonderfully skillful
to create, and is subtler than the subtlest.
She is the receptacle of the continuous stream of ambrosia
which flows from the eternal bliss.
By her radiance it is that the whole of this universe
and this cauldron is illumined.

--Mahanirvana Tantra

Womb Healing focuses on the second chakra,
described as a six-petalled lotus in which
a half moon rests like the autumnal moon:

It is here that Rakini always shines.
Her radiant beauty equals the center of the blue lotus.
The beauty of her body is enhanced by
her uplifted arms holding various weapons.
She is dressed in celestial raiment and ornaments,
and her mind is exalted with the drinking of ambrosia.

And the fourth chakra, called Anahata, the Unstruck Sound,
where the blissful form of Goddess manifests
"and is experienced by the inward-turned mind of the blessed ones,
whose hair stands on end and whose eyes weep for joy."

The Shakti whose tender body is like
ten million flashes of lightning
is in the center of this lotus as a triangle.
(Inside the triangle is the Yoni (origin/ vulva)
like shining gold and on it an orifice
as tiny as that in a gem -- the Bindu --
the resplendent abode of Lakshmi.
This heart lotus is beautified by the Hamsa,
which is like the steady tapering flame
of a lamp in a windless place.


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