Saturday, October 25, 2008

He Knows Me.

He knows me

This faceless being intrudes
knocking on all chambers simultaneously.
What could he want, all that I possess?
Don't have much to give,
a word
a look
a thousand feelings summed up in one touch and
instantly he will know me completely.
No secrets, no lies
It will all written in the iris of my eyes.
Then he transforms me into a spirit,
Never before existing until I call his name.
But I know him as the one...
The one who can give all that I desires.
The one who is the closest to my father,
whom I admires.
The one whose life I inspires.
Awakening the best part of me.
he knocks on all chambers...
and without hesitation,
I invite him in.


Anonymous said...

You have a deep soul and a wonder heart, your writing is very spiritual and thought provoking, peace and bless to you and may GOD bless your fingers to continue to write and movitate others.....

a longing friend from afar

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