Saturday, October 25, 2008


With the twisting, turning and binding paths of my life
I realize this unbelievable strife
In the depths of my soul
To feel the trifle ness of my enemies
And the problems that confront me
I realize the waves of this rapid river
Flowing into my knowledge
Enriched by motivation
In contrast to the downstream of my worries
And my inquiring fears-passing the currents
Of ignorance
These little insects of despair have been biting me
In the worst way
Biting my intellect and savoring on my most prized possessions
Within my mind
After serious thought,
The biting no longer irritates, but nourishes my soul
Suddenly, I am beginning to sprout like a sunflower
Following the sun
Flourishing pieces of me are taken
And cast out by the wind
Into the midst of a mirror of opportunities
I am the burning cascades of sand
And an array of merit and culture
Submerged in water, I feel myself breathing
In and out
Trying to decide if I’m in the water
Or looking upon the waves of deep blackness
The essence in every ripple
Strong currents of culture
Forced to make a person of disbelief drown
In their own domain of pain
In the drowning
I inhale all intellect
All self realization, all esteem
All growth and change
I barely have seconds to exhale
I retain all, surrounded by a force field
Surrounded by the purest of auras
Pure thought-pure unique consciousness
Surrounded by the purest of environments
The brownest of skin tones
And the blackest of souls
I embrace my forming visions,
which slowly transform
Into a complete and unstained
Manifestation of self
I wear my soul as if it were clothing
An outer covering against
A furious state of confusion
My presence completes this world
I am this missing element
The undiscovered link
To unite all people to one true
Quest of humanity
The quest to find self
I speak the language of trees
A baby to nurture myself
Finding myself in the depths
Of an inner maze
It can only be accredited
By the many blessings from
The Highest meaning
The Savior, the Christ
The being of all omnipotence
Just as I feel myself drowning
I undergo metamorphosis and fly away
As a single black butterfly
Landing on the next soul
Paving the next path of discovery
Realizing the basis of all that enlightenment,
The foundation of all productivity
The answer for all pondering questions
Humanity’s Ultimate Goal:
The discovery of self
And the realization of life.


Style Expert said...

All I can say is WOW!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Waiting for another.

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