Saturday, October 25, 2008

Piece-full Thoughts

From my beginning, poetry has made itself the art of surprise. It continuously washes my eyes to nude perceptions, bringing exposure to the feel of inhumanity and sublimity. Teasing aromas of the unexpected, those only a writer can hear, grace my palate with a familiar strangeness. Writing is my everyday exoticism. Just as color has been the marker of race, my schizophrenic poetic images take me beyond the norms.

I invite you to experience a collection of poetry, in its lovemaking essence, that produces a new sound of pleasure from all five senses; sounds of life, love, and spirituality.

Piece-full Thoughts

February’s fornication
Shadowed by death in April
Sweet nectar
From God’s divine loveliness
Undesirable situations manifest
Baptized in my waters
Life quickens like panther moves
Spirits lace over my shoulders
Hearts identity no longer revealed
Through eyes
Bodies twist
Like a homemade bungee cord
Breath as rope,
Rope as memory stretching back
With a head full of tree parts
Organ grinds and holy water drips
From my fingertips
I remember
When we were just notes
Covered in skin
I adapted to his breath
While I slept,
I saw heaven in his smile,
I heard gospel in his laugh
He makes me surrender
To the person I really am
In a room
Full of so many imperfections.


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