Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two of My Favorite...[Excerpts from my book, "Empowering Sensuality"


I like your way
Your moving slips into my stillness
It silenced me.

The way night lies in deep water
I want to lie with you.

Can you be my second skin?
I’ll peel the scent of you with each thrust.

You make me feel like singing in the shower…No fear.

Touch Me…

Hands like a magnetic force
The way fingertips
Direct my spine to arch
That simple touch
As my body breaks itself down
To my heart’s own musical backbeat
With permission
You release tears of joy-perpetrating as sweat
Creating surfaces glistening wet
Feels like we have our very own air
Caught in the rapture of you pulling my hair
and never mind time
You got me feeling like
This poem doesn’t even have to rhyme
‘Cause I can’t remember
if it was my right or my left…
that you teased and caressed?
I see Angels when you spread my legs
They turn into wings
‘cause I could fly away
on you being the air I breathe
I feel low, slow pants
When you take me there
Yet, I tell you to slow down
It’s too much…
I can’t catch up with my heart’s beat,
My eyes can’t control
what my mind don’t believe.
They say repetition sings a contagious beat,
Somethin’ like a routine or it seems
I could get used to this feeling,
Like when you watch me
from the passenger seat, or
when you’re sitting right next to me,
kissing my right or my left….
Hands like a magnetic force
The way fingertips
Direct my body to arch
At my heart’s own musical backbeat…
You s l o w l y……touch me.


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