Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quiet Contemplation...

Harsh Repitition....until lession learned.

I'm not looking for a fling.
If the various stages of my life have taught me one thing the valuable lesson of approaching

the possibility of love with extreme caution.
I love hard and unconditionally.
Most times never returned to me

Thoughts of all the times i put heart on the line,
my heart broken by Mr Right. and that other **** , Mr damn hes so fine

I made a dubious and perhaps even foolish decision to give love another chance. Could he
Really be down for the mammoth responsibility of loving me?

I decided to keep my feelings internal. For now, the physical would have to sustain me.
I enjoyed his company
too much to allow this moment to be ruined by history
looking for something more.
His strength, his gentleness, his wisdom got him in the door

His ability to sense my needs and desires made me give him A chance
A possible prospect for romance.

Maybe it was the way he just turned me out that had me thinking way too far ahead.
Candelite caressing mocha-brownskin casually nestled on bed.

Confused My body still tingled from the extraordinay love we just made.
I was dizzy from the electricty that still ran through my veins.

His ability to please me was spectacular.
I prayed his sweet talk wasnt a hustlers venacular

I'm not going to get into details,
because i dont want spectators trying him out for them
selves. (or comparing tales...)
Can't worry about all that now, Just going to migrate below these covers
caught by surprise friends turn into lovers

its my time to return some of the breath taking pleasure.
Worst case scenario its my 'mango' he'll treasure.


DaiDaGlamazon said...

SPEECHLESS!!!!! I think you have been prying in my sub-conscious Royal Buttafly! You know I love ya poetic expressions..ya soul gasims..thanks babes

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