Sunday, April 11, 2010


Can a man and a woman be friends?

That depends

On what type of man this boy will claim to be

What type of woman this girl will become if She comes to He

The boy and the girl may flirt originally

May hug generously

May kiss occasionally

But inside lies a complexity

He vexes She

Girl scribbles in Her diary

Boy lies awake with thoughts of intimacy

He becomes She's fantasy

Maybe this will end romantically

But that's too predictable

Though love is unreasonable

Its amazing

It goes beyond heartthrob gazing

It lives in frat boy hazing

Sunday night lazing

And bad child raising

She will always love He

He will always need She

Through bad break ups and crushes

Red-cheek blushes

And alcohol rushes

They can be friends always

This relationship stays

No worries about bad lays

And who pays

Or ending a fling and trying to part ways

Friendship is no phase

Maybe boy and girls are better allies

To chat over coke and fries

Whisper lies

About the opposite sex

Be corrected on the subtext

Laugh about whatever comes next

This ain't a romantic comedy

They won't make out to a melody

Or commit a felony

To show they're in love

He wont be at She's door with twelve roses

She won't cry when He proposes

They'll just sit in that café

And dream of Santé Fe

Eat popcorn during "Amelie"

And never run out of things to say

And eventually

They learn that this transcends all physicality

And in reality

Boy and girl fit perfectly


He chose She


She chose He

End of story.


Météor and Astéroid said...

loooooool nice

Todd Covington said...

I need for you to get back to posting writing! I can appreciate this piece for its truth, candor, and the reality of how men and woman move in and out of relationships without budging in the physical. Mentally we check out and check in to emotions...

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