Sunday, April 11, 2010

Step up, Cover and Celebrate me...and get off my tit!

"I'm not saying us Women are perfect,
but we carry the load and carry it well,
some of yall men really need to get it together-
Expend much time/effort and thought on male empowerment
and then just maybe yall males wouldnt feel the need
to criticize what females don't do!
have you takn the time to look at the stuff you're doing?
if you wanna lead me anywer,
you must be capable of effectively and efficiently following/serving,
prove to me that my independence is optional,
I will coexist with you,
but look in the mirror first
and handle your refelction of issues
before you attempt to diagnose mine!
we've taken the fall for men too long(historically proven!...)
now its time yall step it up and get off that tit!
Focus on what you're doing and let us be the emotional beings...." (Shout out to Natalie on this one!)

So easy to point the finger...real men are accountable for themselves,
emotionally and physically. How about we each concentrate on ourselves
and highlight more good qualities about each other-
men and women.
Women can we celebrate men?
Men can we celebrate women?

..and stop complaining so damn much!, If he or she aint got/doin/ possesing/speaking/listening/sharing/manifesting/claiming/exemplifying/carrying
livin/empowering what you want....

move the hell on!

There are too many wonderful/powerful/successful/beuatiful/intelligent/charming/productive/executive-minded/spiritually and physical sound and whole-minded gentlemen and ladies in this earthly be complaining and venting about what one trifling fool didnt do or did to you!

If she or he aint it, right now....then WAIT!....balance and perfection (for you) will come! Stop setttling and rushing. Live this Life...Serve somebody....Treat yourself right!...manifest productive and stop' talking' so damn much!.....

with much compassion in my heart,

Love&Light Beautiful!


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